Flashlight Tag

What we do

FlashlightTag.org organizes events locally and across the globe through local organizers/referees.

Find an event

Search our Events page for local flashlight tag games.  Don’t see any in your area?  Start a local club or student organization with our help and get paid to do so.  

Be a Player

First-time players or seasoned veterans will enjoy the simple yet strategic game of Flashlight Tag.  Anyone over 14-years-old, all levels of athleticism.  


Energy drinks consumed.

Pizza's eaten.


What others are saying

  • "Definitively a step up from any flashlight tag I played when I was younger.  Definitively more strategy.  Awesome time had by all!"
    Katie M.
  • "So much fun!  Recommend to anyone!"
    Jen S.
  • "We had a blast!  Thanks guys!  Will return!"
    Taylor K.
  • “Flashlight tag rocks!”
    Tom C.
  • "Even more fun than I remember as a kid!  Will definitely be going to more events and bringing even more friends next time.  And it's so much cheaper than the sports activities I sign my kids up for."
    Zack L.